If I need care in later life, can I afford it.............. and will I still be able to leave a legacy?
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This is a specialist area of financial planning. We consider factors such as:

• Looking at your legal set up. Ensuring that you have in place valid and an appropriately worded Wills and Lasting Power of Attorney.
• Considering your property. There are several legitimate ways you can avoid having to avoid selling your property to pay for care.
• Using assets in the right way, and ensuring that you hold the most suitable type of assets. By knowing what assets to hold and sell, your money will be working much harder for you – and for longer. This can make it much less likely to be asked to move care homes on account of cost, reducing the risk of your family being asked to pay top-up fees
• Exploring state benefits. Understanding how these may be affected by financial decisions that you make is really important.