Case Studies

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  • Choices at Retirement

    Dave and Sheila had some important choices to make about how to take the benefits from their various pension plans. Should they take the tax ...

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  • Retirement Planning

    Richard had several pensions but felt disillusioned with their lack of progress, and was paying into them out of habit, rather than with a real ...

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  • Clients Looking to Simplify Their Money

    Brian and Eileen had been retired for some time, and Brian had traditionally looked after the money with Eileen very much taking a back-seat interest, ...

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  • A Couple Looking to Review Their Investments

    John and Rosemary were retired, and had accumulated money in a range of different types of savings and investments. They felt that there wasn’t ...

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  • Mum Receiving Care

    Steve and Jenny were wrestling with the responsibility of their widowed mother having moved into a care home. The care fees were horrific and mum’...

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